About Me

I am currently a student at FSU pursuing my Master of Science in Information. I currently have a BA in Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Creative Writing and a BA in English Literature.

As a Writing and Rhetoric major, I have learned how to use different modes of communication through writing. I have come to appreciate how writing can be tailored differently for specific audiences, even if the basic information being relayed is the same. This is a particularly valuable skill in our modern digital world where writing comes in many forms across varied platforms for multitude of audiences.

I believe writing can inspire, can make you feel, can start discussions, can even change lives. I have always surrounded myself with stories and I wish to contribute to that world. I write to inspire others as I have been inspired.

In my work I seek to promote equality and justice. Specifically, I often write from a feminist perceptive. As a woman in modern society, I understand that sexism and misogyny is still highly prevalent in our society. Much of my work aims to expose this inequality and to explore the reasons behind it.